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Welcome to Parcel Butler

Have you ever missed a parcel delivery to your home? We’re guessing YES! We understand how frustrating it is to miss deliveries. Coordinating your schedule to get to the post office or depot, then wait in line only to pick up a package that should have been delivered straight to you in the first place. Worse yet, having to drive to the airport to pick up your parcel, making it even more inconvenient. Some companies will go one step further and just leave your parcels right on your doorstep. Leaving you, hoping it won’t get damaged or stolen before you get home. We say NO MORE!

Welcome to Parcel Butler. Calgary’s first and only evening parcel delivery service. We know your time is extremely valuable. So we have created an easy, user friendly, time saving website that allows you to make sure you never miss a parcel again. We believe the convenience of online shopping shouldn’t end until your purchase is in your hand.

We proudly accept shipments from all carriers including :